Our Clinicians

Helen Mikellides

Bsc (Hons) SRCh MchS DpodM


Helen qualified at Brighton University in 1997. She has practiced in several NHS trusts over a period of 8 years. Her special interests are Biomechanics and prescribing Functional foot orthoses, verruca excision and ingrown toenail treatments.

She has worked at the London Marathon treating runners. She formerly worked as in-house podiatrist at a local East Finchley pharmacy.

She has a postgraduate pharmacology certificate which allows her to access and supply certain oral and topical drugs.

She regularly attends conferences and lectures to update her podiatry knowledge.

Amanda Dean


Amanda is a full member of the Association of Reflexologists.  She holds a Diploma from the Barcelona institute for neurological control of the body (facial reflexology).  She has a level 3 diploma in reflexology, and fertility and maternity reflexology in 2010.