Service Price
Routine appointment £44.00
Nail trim £25.00
Biomechanics appointment £80.00 with computerised gait analysis.
Casting for orthotics £38.00
Orthotics These range between £45.00 and £240.00 depending on type of orthosis.
Verruca needling under local analgesia £125 per treatment
Verruca treatments – chemicals £36.00
Verruca treatment – freezing £36.00
Multiple wart freezing £50.00
Nail resection under local analgesia £80.00
Partial Nail avulsion (Permanent nail side, root treated with Phenol) £250.00
Verruca excision under local analgesia £300.00
Wilde Pedique nail reconstruction big toe £50
Wilde Pedique nail reconstruction 2 big toes £75